Wto Agreement Article 1

(d) CONTRACTING PARTIES require, at the request of a contracting party who applies restrictions under this section, that they be able to find that the restrictions are inconsistent with the provisions of this article or Article XIII (subject to Article XIV) and that they affect their exchanges. However, such a request is only made if contractING PARTIES have found that direct discussions between the parties concerned have not been successful. If there is no agreement as a result of the consultations with contractING PARTIES and if it finds that the restrictions are contrary to these provisions and that they cause or threaten harm to the trade of the party setting up the procedure, they recommend termination or modification of the restrictions. If the restrictions are not lifted or amended within the time limit prescribed by contractING PARTIES, they may exempt the party challenging the proceedings from these obligations to the party applying the restrictions they deem appropriate in the current circumstances. (a) a tax equivalent to an internal tax levied under Article III, paragraph 2, on the similar domestic product or on a property from which the imported product was manufactured or manufactured in whole or in part; b) The terms of such an agreement should not impose obligations on the contracting party which, as a rule, are more restrictive than those imposed on the Fund members by the provisions of the International Monetary Fund Treaty. Three of them. With respect to an existing internal tax that is inconsistent with the provisions of paragraph 2, but expressly approved under a trade agreement in force on 10 April 1947, in which the import tax on the taxed product is linked to the increase, the contracting party applying the tax is free to defer to that tax the application of the provisions of paragraph 2 until it can be exempt from the obligations of that tax. Trade agreements to allow the increase of this tax to the extent necessary to compensate for the elimination of the protective element of the tax. 7.

(a) A special exchange agreement between a party and the CONTRACTING PARTIES covered in paragraph 6 of this article notes, to the satisfaction of the contracting parties, that the objectives of this agreement are not thwarted by measures taken by the contractor concerned in relation to trade.

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