American Airlines Contract Agreement

“EU lobbying has allowed airlines to inject money to help them through a difficult time until air traffic returns,” Samuelsen said. While airlines are not functioning much today, given the sharp drop in travel hours, Samuelsen expects a recovery during the term of the contract. “I think this year the industry will clearly fight back,” he said. “Our Maintenance and Fleet Service team members are the best in the business and work incredibly hard to take care of our customers. They deserve contracts that include a marked improvement in wages, quality of life and job protection. Preliminary agreements respect all of this – and more. We appreciate the negotiators of the association and the companies that have worked so hard to join us until today, as well as the National Mediation Board for their advice. “This agreement is a highly anticipated milestone for our company,” David Seymour, senior vice president of operations, said in an email to employees on Thursday. “Not only do our fellow mechanics and the fleet have a top-noted mission, but it is also the first time that all of our team members represented – in every working group in the company – have worked under common agreements. The Association and American Airlines have reached an agreement on the implementation of certain elements of the JCBAs. The following include compensation, retirement and some of the benefits that are most important to our membership: American Chief Executive Doug Parker said in a statement that fleet maintenance and service employees “deserve contracts that include significant improvements in compensation, quality of life and job protection.” The agreements also offer “a formula for profit-sharing of the industry,” the unions said on 30 January, after the negotiations. This formula is much higher than the 5% currently offered by the American.

It provides 10% of the $2.5 billion in upstream revenue and 20% of pre-tax revenue of more than $2.5 billion. TWU-IAM now considers this to be the richest contract in the industry: at present, profit sharing seems a long way off, which is only a sign of the changes that have taken place in the sector since the signing of the contract. Parker is under pressure to enter into contracts with the airline`s pilots, cabin crew and mechanics. Discussions with the mechanics were sometimes fierce: in May the airline filed a complaint against the union, which accused it of staging illegal slowdowns after blocking contract negotiations before a federal mediator. The TA is also a better option for all workers than the current LUS contract and for LAA workers who have not protected a union contract if the agreement is not ratified and the committee were to return to the negotiating table for an uncertain period with an uncertain outcome. You will find a comparison of TA with the current LUS contract and the current LAA conditions in this table. We recommend that all our members carefully consider these offers.

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