Form Of Placement Agent Agreement

A broker is an intermediary who raises capital for investment funds. An intermediation broker can range from a one-person independent company to a large branch of a global investment bank. Professional intermediation agencies must be registered with the Financial Markets Authority on its territory, for example. B the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. An investment agent operating in the United States must be registered as a broker or trader. In addition, issuers sometimes agree to use exclusively the services of an intermediation agent; As a result, no other investment agents are used for the specialized offer. This agreement is included in the conciliation agreement with other provisions. This investment agent agreement (“agreement”) is entered into by and between Achieve Life Sciences, Inc.

(the “Company”) and Paulson Investment Company, LLC, a limited liability company in Delaware (the “Investment Agent”), at the time of the first written agreement. The Company instructs the investment agent to assist the company, as an exclusive investment agent, in arreasing an offer of its common shares and other securities (the “securities”) on terms to be defined by the parties (the “offer”). The terms of the offer are described in more detail in the final transaction documents relating to the offer, which will be established by the company with the support of the investment agent. Investment agents are particularly useful for marketing a fund in places where the fund manager`s contacts are limited, as the introduction of a reputable investment agent enhances the manager`s credibility. Other sources of capital, such as sovereign wealth funds and very high net assets in many emerging markets and remote areas around the world, underline the productive role of investment agents. An investment officer plays an important role in the fundraising market. Investment agents are recruited by investment funds (for example. B private equity funds, hedge funds, real estate funds or other alternative assets) to obtain capital quickly and efficiently, what they get by introducing fund managers to qualified investors. Most of the provisions in a mediation agreement can be negotiated between the investment officer and the issuer, with compensation being the most negotiated clause. Most of the allowances are paid in the form of commissions on the amount collected; However, mediation officers can negotiate for more. For example, they may agree to obtain other counterparties, such as stock options.B. (2) [the buyer” and, with all other purchasers of the bonds, depending on the sales contracts entered into at the time of the order, the “buyers”).

The real estate agent is compensated by the successful placement of the fund with the investor that was introduced by the agent. The agent`s remuneration, from about 2% to 2.5%, is usually a percentage of the new money raised for the fund. Some agents collect a portion of their cash costs and invest the balance in the fund that brings the interests of the agent and fund investors into line with and also reduces the prepayment by the Fund.

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