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She waved her squeaky hand with the air of a princess who let go of her courtiers, and her mandate was respected. The law does not raise taxes, create a new program or impose a school program. Religious groups, religious and other communities that oppose the warrant have filed 59 letters from friends of the court. I would like to add that the mandate of the Congress was given by an almost unanimous vote between the parties. However, regardless of their feelings or the state of public opinion, “the court must obey the order of the law.” However, as Gerawan`s torture shows, the current board of directors seems to lack such a balanced view of its mandate. An order or expression of a desire, especially on the part of a group of voters for a political program. Politicians elected in landslide victories often claim that their policies have received a mandate from voters. The reader will easily believe that I obeyed this mandate, not quite in the quiet atmosphere that is common to me. This mandate has been respected; and “all talents” ministry was thus dissolved. Immediately he sent a warrant to Nadau and ordered a foreigner before him. This officer, who protested for not recognizing authority to the Duke of Lancaster, obeyed the regent`s mission.

One thing was certain to me: Hilda was far too good as a judge of character to believe that I would obey this mandate. A chief warrant is an order you can`t refuse. But this kind of personal order is today rarely the importance of the mandate; Much more often are linked to institutions. Thus, the Clean Air Act was a mission of Congress to eliminate air pollution – and since the mandate is also a verb, we could instead say that the Clear Air Act imposes new restrictions on air pollution. Elections are often interpreted as public mandates for certain types of actions. But as a politician is not only a symbol of certain policies, but also a person who might have a terribly nice smile, it can be risky to interpret most elections as imposing something. With one noble exception, this mandate of the Church and the clergy worked for some time by silencing women for the slave. Use: the new headmaster of the school board prescribes regular tests Part of the problem is the mandate of the war and the means with which the United States does not fight it. With this mandate in his pocket, Pfefferkorn rushed to the scene of his activity, the Rhine provinces.

This mandate in turn created a market so tempting that a vaccine manufacturer produced a pork-free or halal version… Definition: a territory abandoned by Turkey or Germany after the First World War and placed under the supervision of another European power until they are able to stand for themselves the Middle French and Latin; The mandate of the Middle French, the Latin mandateum, the castriated mandate, the past of the mandare to the trust, requires, probably to put irregularly hand manus – dere – more in hand, do .

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