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A marriage or agreement of intent agreement (sometimes called “Prenup”) is a pre-marriage contract to pre-settle the respective rights and commitments of the spouse on property, debt and support (maintenance of marriage) in the event of divorce, and may also govern the respective rights of one party in the event of the death of the other partisan settlement. While the validity and applicability of a marriage agreement are often known in divorces of wealthy individuals, these agreements are no longer the exclusive province of the rich and famous. With decades of collective experience and complementary strengths, our lawyers can raise all the concerns you have about marital agreements. We are ready to help you by telling you that the application of a marriage pact is a personal decision. Marriage is an economic and emotional partnership. The cost of a matrimonial agreement depends on the nature, amount and complexity of the assets and debt involved, as well as the extent of the negotiation and design process. It is not uncommon for agreements to deal with issues such as dependency insurance, the doctrine of needs, issues of income, inheritance and gift taxes, and legal obligations under immigration legislation. Fees that may include fees for qualified lawyers, accountants and evaluators can range from $2500 to thousands of dollars anywhere. But a well-crafted deal is worth every penny. At Rogers Sevastianos – Bante, LLP, we are committed to helping people enter into marital agreements that perfectly match their wishes.

To discuss your situation with one of our lawyers, contact us or call our office today. Unlike many other states, Missouri has not passed laws regulating the validity of marriage contracts. However, the Missouri courts have developed certain standards to determine the validity and applicability of these agreements. If an agreement is entered into freely, fairly, knowingly, in good faith and with full financial disclosure, it is upheld by the court, as long as it is found to be of concern. As a result, the courts have the power to invalidate a marital agreement on the basis of the unique facts and circumstances of each case. The Law on Marital Agreements in Missouri is complicated and is highly advised to anyone considering a prenup to speak to a lawyer before making decisions or trying to execute such an agreement. Some of the specific possibilities that a lawyer can help those considering entering into a marriage pact are: You may think they will get a marriage pact that means you are married with suspicion. But the truth is, without a custom pre-wedding contract, the state of Missouri dictates the terms of your marriage.

Plan your free assessment of the marriage agreement today at (314) 322-8515. The opposite effect of the application of marital and post-uptital agreements is to “break” these agreements at the time of divorce because they are somehow unacceptable. Well-made marriage and post-ascending agreements can be difficult to set aside, but it can be done under the right circumstances with a competent lawyer to represent your interests. We know how useful and effective marital agreements can be in isolating the “commercial” and financial aspects of a relationship. The decisions you make when making such an agreement are very important and we want you to have all the information you need. Our marriage agreement strict lawyers covers the verification of estate planning documents and other contracts to avoid conflicts. Marriages and same-sex couples — same-sex couples need to think seriously about marital arrangements and how they may have to do things differently from heterosexual couples.

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