Resolute Forest Products Collective Agreement

Resolute has been recognized for its leadership in social responsibility and sustainable business development, as well as for its regional, North American and global business practices. Visit for more information. On May 8, 2014, an agreement in principle was reached between Unifor and the company regarding the extension of collective agreements for four years. This agreement in principle was presented and adopted by a large majority of trade unionists during the ratification process in recent weeks in each mill covered by the agreement. “We welcome the strong support of our staff for the agreement between Resolute and Unifor,” said President and CEO Richard Garneau. “This agreement will help us maintain the competitiveness of our Canadian pulp and paper mills and maintain our position as a strong and reliable supplier to our customers. We are pleased to see that our employees and their union leaders appreciate the nature of the problems and challenges facing our company, such as access to forest resources, cost control and challenging market dynamics for some of our finished paper products. Extending collective agreements that pass or mature in the pulp, paper and wood sectors is part of Resolute`s public obligations that ensure our competitiveness as an employer while supporting our long-term viability. MONTREAL, May 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Resolute Forest Products Inc. (NYSE: RFP) (TSX: RFP) announced today that an agreement in principle has been reached between Unifor and the group.

The contract in principle must be subject to ratification by union members and provides for a four-year extension of the collective agreement. Minimum termination times for significant operational changes are subject to a large number of national or local standards, including the U.S. Warn Act, the Quebec Labour Compliance Act and the Employment Standards Act (2000) in Ontario. Additional conditions are set out in collective agreements, which cover 68% of our employees and are regularly renegotiated and renewed by union leaders and company representatives. In a press release, Unifor said the union “has made no economic concessions and that external contracting and economic improvement issues are all key elements of this agreement.” In total, about 15,000 forestry workers are affected by the model agreement, Unifor said. 74 percent of Thunder Bay employees, all represented by Unifor, voted in favor of the four-year contract, known as the Eastern Pattern Agreement, the union said in a press release. The collective agreement includes approximately 2,000 employees represented by L`Unifor. The agreement in principle provides for wage increases for each of the four years and continues the partnership with the union on worker efficiency and safety. The 11 mills account for more than 41% of Resolute`s total pulp and paper capacity.

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