Rug Cleaning Hayward CA

Are your area rugs starting to look old before their time? Have the colors begun to take on that gray faded look despite frequent vacuuming and even vigorous shakings? Even though those area rugs may seem clean, it may actually be ground in dirt that is giving your area rugs that gray and faded look. We here at Carpet Cleaning Hayward, can clean those area rugs leaving them those colors once again bright. In the business industry, how the public perceives you to be is crucial to survival. When the competition today is getting stiffer, a good public profile can help you to survive. Not only do you stay afloat, but you thrive and stay competitive, you can get more info about this in website.

Green Cleaning Protects Your Health and Your Area Rugs

Cleaning those expensive area rugs yourself with those chemical cleaners that are sold on today’s market can ruin your rugs and result in fading your colors forever, but we use special green cleaning solutions, that are gentle on your rugs and better for your health and the health the family. Our expert rug technicians can clean any type of area rug you may have. We can easily and gently clean rugs made from:

  • Natural and synthetic fibers
  • Silk
  • Shag
  • Flokati

We can also get those Persian, Turkish, and Japanese rugs clean as whistle without dulling the color or weakened the fibers.

Rug Cleaning In House or Pick up and Delivery

We also make that rug cleaning as convenient as possible for you and your family, which is why we offer a choice of having us clean those area rugs right in your home or pick them up at your convenience and clean them in our facilities and deliver them back at your door. Pick up and delivery is free and in both cases we use only our state of the art cleaning equipment and our Organic cleaners that safer for children than pets than those chemical based cleaners.

In most cases, once we clean those area rugs they look very close to what they looked like when you purchased them new. Part of the reason our cleaning process leaves your rugs looking so clean and bright is that our cleaning not only removes that deep down ground in dirt, but our cleaning products also don’t leave behind any residue to dull the colors of your rug. So all you get is a clean fresh smelling area rug that you can be proud of.

So if your area rugs are looking a bit dull and old before their time, why not call our shop or talk to our online representative and set a time when we can clean those area rugs for you so that your home looks as clean and bright as you want it too.


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