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If you enter into such an agreement and do not make this form available to your principal contractor, these rights and obligations are the responsibility of the principal contractor. However, if the principal contractor receives the form and declares that the information you indicate in the form is false, you may be exposed to an offence that could be up to 100 penalty units under the Industrial Relations Act 1996. This form can be useful for contractors and subcontractors. The last section is actually the instruction clause. Here, you mention the salaried or subcontractor labour that the subcontractor has. Clauses F and G are representative of the subcontractor`s signature and position. Here too, the field of the current date is correct. If you are a subcontractor for a specific construction project and you want to make sure that you are paid for it, you must do so. Principal contractors must always require their respective subcontractors to submit this agreement to them in order to track the compensation they must pay as part of their contractual obligations. Therefore, a right to payment or a monetary certificate is generally included in the subcontract to achieve this. A subcontracting declaration is a contract between a principal contractor (yourself) and a subcontractor.

A completed and signed form protects you from wages payable or paid by the subcontractor for workers` allowances, payroll taxes and wages. Did you know that an NSW company can be held responsible for your payroll tax, wages and compensation premiums for employees of your subcontractors? The first question that was asked was that Seana Constructions suggested that there was a compensatory action against Bright Constructions. It did not work out. The second question was whether there had been a real dispute over Bright Constructions` failure to make a statement from a subcontractor. When filling out this form, you should provide the following information. The first field requires the nominal name of the subcontractor`s company. Follows the field for a subcontractor`s address. The last field in this section is for the company name of the main contractor. The following field applies to the identification of the contract.

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