Valid Prenuptial Agreement In Florida

If the other spouse does not maintain his or her standard of living, if the marriage agreement was imposed after the divorce, we must determine whether they actually negotiated it. Example: In Gordon v. Gordon, 25 So.3d 615 (Fla. 4th DCA 2009), the husband`s financial disclosure related to the marriage contract is not on his airline pension list. The court upheld this marital agreement by acknowledging that the husband had disclosed significant assets and that the undisclosed pension plan represented only a small fraction of the husband`s total net worth. The proximity of the execution of the conjugal agreement on the date of marriage is often referred to as evidence of coercion. The counter-evidence that the date of the marriage could have been postponed is also permitted (very effective for casual marriages). McNamara/ McNamara, 40 So.3d 78, 80 (Fla. 5th DCA 2010) Open communication in a pre- and post-marriage relationship can be decisive for the success of marriage. Since a marital agreement requires good management of issues, it requires discussion and agreement on issues. For example, if the economically stronger spouse continues to help young adult children and most often has an estate plan in their favour, this should be identified before marriage. For a foreign marriage agreement to be valid in Florida, legal requirements must be met.

First, the Prenup must be valid in the jurisdiction, when and where it was signed. Second, prenupation should not stand in the way of Florida`s public policies. Courts will use the “choice of law” doctrine to evaluate a foreign prenup with respect to Florida`s public policy. Legal issues related to foreign marriage contracts are complex and can have a significant impact on your future. If you need to know your rights as part of a marriage agreement, then consult a top family lawyer in Florida. If the contract has been established in Florida or abroad, contact us by phone at (407) 574-2573 or send us a private message via our secure contact form. Appointments are possible by phone or videoconference for your safety and comfort. When a party to the marriage works in a family business and owns part of a family business, the business itself, as well as the income of the business, may be threatened by divorce, which is due to a fair distribution and under-life. In divorce proceedings without a marital agreement, the other spouse would eventually have full access to the company`s books and records, which would be able to handle the dismissal of key officials and company employees and, alternatively, review the case. In the end, the former spouse could own part of the business and also receive maintenance pensions from work in the company. Some of the large family businesses in this country require, for good reason, any family member who wishes to join the company to have a marriage agreement.

Florida law also gives a surviving spouse rights to an existing property in Florida, in the form of a living lot or a tenant at 50% in the common interest of the property. This right may waive a valid marriage agreement. I would like to talk to you about the annulment or modification of my marital agreement In short, if a spouse maintains his standard of living after the marriage agreement is applied, then the law says “what you are complaining about” and can make the marriage agreement. Chapter 61 of Florida`s status regulates divorce. Florida`s status says what property is shared and like in a divorce in Florida.

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